The Advantages of Defensive Driving and Why You Should Care

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  1. Valerie Soper says:

    As far as “maintaining your speed,” if you are struck by someone then they are probably at fault because they are speeding. I don’t know what their hurry is but, no doubt–“I’ll see you at the next stop light” usually applies. Driving the speed limit allows for better reaction to anticipated incidents, which is the premise behind defensive driving.

    I drive the speed limit as an example to others and, as posted, it is the law. It helps to save the environment and your vehicle as more extreme driving such as hard braking and sudden acceleration equals wear and tear. Money is saved both at the pumps and at the shop!

    As for “road rage,” that is unacceptable behavior. You don’t act out in the grocery or coffee line and not run the risk of arrest. Why does cocooning inside your vehicle excuse you from antisocial behavior? If anything, because we are not able to speak, then courtesy should be the language of choice. Always!!

    Lastly, the automotive advertising industry needs to be held accountable for the “Performance” aspect of their promotions. Who needs performance when there are already enough horses beneath the hood to wreak untold havoc on our highways and biways? Belligerent pick-up truck ads should be done away with altogether. The industry should copy a page from the liquour standards by underscoring their message by demanding that you “Drive Responsibly.”

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