If you want to improve road safety, drop the attitude

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  1. erik stoone says:

    I’m a truck driver and almost every car that passes me the driver of that car has a cell phone in their hand

  2. TK says:

    Excellent article. I worry about our generation of new drivers who adopt these poor behaviors from their parents. “My dad talks on the phone while he drives so I should be able to do the same…”

  3. finnekk says:

    Thank you! Great article that I am going to share on my page for Oregon and SW Washington Families For Safe Streets. We are a group of those injured and/or are surviving family members of those killed or injured on our roads. (My son was killed by an underage drunk hit and run driver). Even some of my own family still think they are in control when they choose to misbehave behind the wheel (only “others” or “unexpected circumstances” are to blame for “accidents”).

  4. Del says:

    Thank you for the article.

    Some of my students sometimes become upset at me when I tell them that there are very few “accidents”. They are all incidents that were preventable…not always by you, but preventable nonetheless. There is a root cause(s) that led to the incident. As the classes progress, they start to understand that actions…choices, are more to blame than any circumstance.
    In vehicular collisions a choice, or many choices, create the situation. Things like wheels parting vehicles, hydroplaning, intersection collisions, and many others come directly back to a choice made by a driver or drivers that put themselves in harms way. Some of it is ignorance, but most of it, as mentioned above is not caring about the consequences of their actions until it is too late.

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