What is Automatic Emergency Braking and how does it help?

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  1. Peter says:

    Funny I designed a very similar idea way back in 1972,
    I couldn’t afforded to patent it, told me to copy write and send it to several engineering companies and insurance company for funding, I did never got a response.
    It wasn’t computer orientated but the principle and idea was basically the same.
    I was also adapted for two other driver safe designed features. Also a self non theft device also.

    The only problem with manufactures things are never standard, why have several models for higher range vehicles?
    Whilst it will safe the occupants of the vehicle it is fitted to, if the auto braking system comes in then is can also create a problem for those behind.
    not read up on this.

    It’s like ABS that was good, but it created problem on HGV articulated vehicles, especially if the unit had ABS the trailer didn’t or vs versa. the lorry could jackknife.

    We will never stop accident. even it all vehicle were limited to 30 mph.

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