Are you a competitive driver?

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3 Responses

  1. Mike Matheson says:

    Competitive? Yeah. I love proving I can do something that other people say I can’t, and this translates into driving. I don’t know how many times I have heard that it is not possible to keep space on the highway, especially when it’s busy. So if anyone is in the car with me, I will always draw their attention to the fact that I am in a “space bubble.” My wife and my son are tired of it though (“Yeah yeah, we know how great you tell us you are.”)

    I’m quite proud of this ability, especially since I don’t really think about it. I just gravitate to the open areas out of habit.

    I also love to predict what’s going to happen. This kinda bugs my wife though, because she doesn’t really like being told how to drive. I will say, “Uhh … you should really come off the gas a bit now” when nothing seems to be happening. Then I will say, “That guy that passed you is going to try to go around that truck, but he doesn’t see the other truck in the right lane, so he’ll come back and make this car in front of us slow down.”

    No real trick to it, other than experience and a little thinking. When someone is in the midst of doing something stupid, I simply ask myself what the second dumbest thing they could do is … and (an alarming number of times) that’s exactly what they will do.

  2. marshmat says:

    I saw an experiment a few years ago where a few drivers went out on the QEW, each following a different driving style. A couple of them picked one lane and followed the natural traffic speed, and two more aggressively weaved between lanes, being as competitive as they could.
    After half an hour of this, the guys driving like maniacs pulled off… and were joined only a minute later by their civilised counterparts.
    Being competitive on the road doesn’t actually get you there any faster. It just makes things more chaotic for those beside and behind you.

  3. Barti says:

    I think so, too. I couldnt agree more.

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