Setting up the side mirror – things to think about

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  1. Phil says:

    The last point seems most important for me, and extends to highway driving also. Keeping track of the lanes next to you seems hard to do with the rear view mirror only–your view can be blocked by other cars and also by rear passengers, headrests, etc; I like my side mirror set narrow enough to see down the lane. It gives a clear and full picture of that lane. It seems to me to be a waste of the side mirrors to use them simply to monitor the space next to your vehicle.

  2. Wonderful tips! I am so glad that I found this. You put all of the information needed for right setting of side mirror.

  3. Brad says:

    I have been using the “mirrors out” method for about five years now. Not to make lite of your concerns, but I have found I can get around most of these issues by simply moving my head closer to the window. The classic setting is worse for me because when I position my seat correctly, it gives me a perfect view of my B piller when I try to look out the window to check my blind spot. The new roof crush standards have only made B pillers bigger.

  4. Mike Matheson says:

    You and I have discussed this on previous occasions, and, as mentioned, I adjust my mirrors out. The advantage gained is more than just minimizing the blind spot, it also allows you to detect cars on the freeway coming from two lanes over. That being said, I don’t move them all the way out, since I have found a “sweet spot” that allows a view closer to the car as well.

    We might disagree on the exact position, but where we will always agree is when it comes to checking the blind spot. There is no mirror set-up that is foolproof.

    My wife likes her side mirrors set up the traditional way, so I don’t change them. Since she is shorter and prefers a more upright posture, once I move the seat, there isn’t much need for change to the mirrors anyway. Her mirrors don’t give me the breadth I prefer, but here is the interesting thing: it doesn’t really matter. Since I am always aware of what’s around me, and I always check the blind spots no matter what, it’s never a big issue.

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