How much should you clear off?

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  1. jrharv says:

    It is a lame excuse to say truck drivers cannot clean a trailer, how many people have to be injured or die from their negligence. I’ve seen 5 ft high mountains on trucks, and It boggles the mind. They all come from a yard, that yard has a staff, that staff’s job is to make vehicles safe. If they leave the yard covered in snow, they should all be fired. FEDEX is building a facility with a snow clearing station for exactly this purpose. If you need scaffolds and safety harnesses, GET THEM. I’m tired of having my life in danger from the pure stupidity of laziness. LIGHTS ON, SNOW OFF. If you can’t do both, none of them should ever drive again. Snow is not an accessory, its best location is GONE.

  2. Derek Brown says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. We need to clear all the snow from all windows and from the top so it doesn’t slide down and block our vision.

  3. lauralou says:

    Surely you need to clean it all off – the idiots that drive around with a pile of snow on their roof are just tempting fate when they brake… cue a pile of snow tumbling down over the windscreen!

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