Should rental cars have winter tires?

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  1. sudnikowicz says:

    Maybe you can do a commercial for them and young drivers at the same time! “Young drivers recommends winter tires – when you have to rent – rent from XYZ as they have winter tires” etc.

  2. David Root says:

    We should be lobbying the provincial government to make winter tires MANDATORY — even in Toronto.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Interesting post! Definitely it became very tough to drive in winters after snowfall. Tire is one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Good car rental companies always provide better services and I think if you ask about winter tires they will provide you according to your need. These days it has become so easy to communicate with the service providers so whenever you are going to ask about a car rental quote, you can include the winter tire point in the quotation. If you want to know about car rental and car rental service provider in Ireland you can visit this link as Thanks for providing unique information to us. Keep writing and sharing such kinds of useful information to the world.

  4. What is the law on this? I currently have a rental car in Ottawa without snow tires of course and when I was driving into a parking garage today, I slid down the slight embankment. Luckily I was able to grab the ticket and the barrier went up just as I was about to slide through it, but what if it hadn’t? What if someone walked in front of me while I was sliding and couldn’t stop? Would I be liable or anyone else this could happen to? It’s a terrible, dangerous, and should be illegal practice. Moral of the story: NEVER USE A RENTAL CAR IN CANADA IN THE WINTER.

  5. John Stacey says:

    They don’t put winter tires on the cars for a reason. If you crash the car and it is totaled, you have to buy the rental place a new vehicle, and you also have to pay them for “loss of use” (money lost unable to rent the vehicle). So it’s a great scam, because they get a brand new car to rent and don’t have to worry about trying to sell the old car to anyone. Great way for them to upgrade the fleet frequently without having to pay for it, because the drivers are constantly crashing the cars in the snow.

    I rented a car from Enterprise one winter and almost drove it into a barrier, because the tires had absolutely no traction. I was very angry that my life was at risk and I didn’t even know about it, because I simply trusted the rental agency.

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