Never drop your guard

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  1. Jimmy says:

    But some intersections have almost zero visibility due to shrubs, landscaping, etc. And you can not possibly see anything until you’re already in the intersection. How are we supposed to deal with those? Surely if we are already driving 50 km/hr and the light goes green we aren’t going to stop and look both ways for a long time, or will be rear ended. Sure we could hesitate but other than that, despite all of your good intentions there may be not much you could do to stop this in certain instances regardless of all of the scanning.

    • safedriver says:

      Take another look at intersections. You can see each side clearly enough by the start of the crosswalks even if shrubs are on the corners. You may also be surprised with how quickly you can stop while traveling at 50 km/h. The “almost zero visibility” comment is well taken, but there’s still plenty of space to see if you really want to. And when you get hit from the passenger side, don’t forget the driver who hit you would have been on the other side of the road. So even if you stopped near the centre of the intersection to avoid them, you wouldn’t be in their path. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      • Hlynn says:

        Have you driven in St. John’s, NL? Lots of our intersections have buildings or fences built right to the sidewalk (or curb if there’s no sidewalk), and in winter they all have mountains of snow built up on the corners. Sometimes I’ll make a right turn instead of a left and take a longer route because I actually can’t see what’s coming from the right, even from a dead stop.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I hear ya, I hear ya. Even I will admit to going on “auto pilot” at times or sometimes forgetting certain things, such as the scan. But this is a good reminder to stay alert when driving and to never assume things.

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