Is this parking lot rage?

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  1. shofer says:

    More times than not this situation is started by one driver who either doesn’t care how they park, or their skills are not sufficient to park properly (or courteously if there is no predefined rule of proper vs improper parking). Believe me I encounter it a lot as a driver as more times than not the car on my left is situated in such a manner to facilitate the most amount of space to that driver, or even 6 inches over the line. When I drive my mother around I like to minimize the walking distance for her, and allow enough space for her to exit/enter freely without the need for concern to a vehicle on my right. I don’t normally get out. So yes, It means that yes if that is space that will allow my mother the shortest distance to her destination and avoid her dodging cars through out the lot, then I too will hug as far to the left as I can, and if that means the car that is 4-6′ into the spot i’m using, though it may be an inconvience to them if they return with the need to access their passenger side, I’m sorry about your luck, perhaps you should practice properly parking more, and reflect on your level of courteousness when you park prior to getting enraged..

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