Here’s mud in your eye!

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  1. Amber says:

    What is your take on cars with those ridiculous black light covers? I saw a car yesterday with its back lights covered by not red, but some crazy black, plastic. This made the lights too dark and I didn’t even notice that he was braking until the lights darkened even further!!! Thankfully, he wasn’t right in front of me for too long, but I dread to think how many accidents might be caused if someone doesn’t notice that this car is braking and doesn’t slow down accordingly. I’ve seen cars where the red plastic has broken off so their brake lights shine white when they hit the pedal, but it’s generally not too much of a stretch to figure out what they’re trying to do if they’re slowing down and still moving forward. But the black lights were really worrisome!!!

    • safedriver says:

      Having added items placed on your vehicle to enhance the look is fine, unless it reduces the safety aspect of the vehicle and for the drivers around it. Look after the vehicle to help yourself and those around you. Thanks again for your comment Amber!

  2. Very true- I actually keep a pack of wipes in my car SPECIFICALLY designed to help me clean my windshield on the go. Driving with a dirty and cloudy windshield is incredibly dangerous

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