Is that cool or not cool?

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  1. Robyn Acker says:

    Not cool, watching a driver tailgating my husband on his motorcycle. Very not cool, when the same driver got into the right turn lane & then cut off 3 vehicles (including husband) to go straight instead.
    Definitely cool when drivers acknowledge a courtesy. I’m especially thankful when I’m on my motorcycle , it means the person “saw” me .

  2. Michelle says:

    Cool article….it would be so cool if people looked well ahead before entering that intersection to see if the lights might change before they can exit the intersection. Blocking traffic as you said and especially emergency vehicles is so not cool. Like, totally uncool!

  3. If everyone followed the rules out there traffic would be pretty damn good. I think many drivers out there see less of the person inside the car and instead see the car and driver as a single entity of no more significance than a moving obstacle. I am always super courteous, I let people in and out, I wait behind lorries for them to do their change thing, I don’t tailgate, etc. However, if I see an opportunity such as an empty-ish lane, I’ll often use it to leave my lane, speed ahead, and then merge back in. If I think I can do this without cutting people off, and safely, I’ll do it. It saves you about 5 seconds or so depending on the situation, which is pretty useless. I think my motivation behind doing “uncool” things like that it’s rewarding. Gives you a little fizz. Now, driving is a privilege and public roads aren’t playgrounds, so in the end, I guess the only explanation for uncool road behaviour is either you’re selfish and/or resent certain aspects of the establishment (“the system”) and thus lack a respect for the rules “they” have put in place for you to follow.

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