Some drivers need a good talking to!

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  1. davidjroot says:

    You’re right — bad drivers do not realize they are bad; many believe they are as good or better than the average driver. Would a message board help? Likely not, though I have occasionally wanted one, too.

    Two weeks ago I had a driver tailgating me for about 6 blocks. He was less than a vehicle length while we were moving, and much less than a metre when stopped. I finally tired of this, and as we approached yet another traffic light (in a 60 km/h zone) I swerved into the left turn lane to let him go past.

    He went past and stopped centimetres behind the next vehicle, then got out of his vehicle and began shouting at me, repeatedly asking me, “Are you stupid in the head?”

    He got back into his vehicle and drove away when the light changed. Sadly, this isn’t all that unusual a situation. I have had quite a few drivers sound their horns and gesture at me simply because I actually stopped at a stop sign; why they would think a vehicle with a Driving School sign on the roof would roll a stop is beyond me.

  2. I’ve found that bad drivers are usually the most defensive about their skills. No one likes to admit they are bad at something, but we need to get over that, especially with regards to driving! Being a bad, aggressive or distracted driver puts everyone on the road at risk.

  3. Abdul says:

    The problem with talking is that people want to feel they are better and often this means speeding and how i overtook another driver. Its rare for anyone to have discussion that is contributing to safety.

  4. Marc says:

    I don’t understand what they’ll gain by driving so close. I thought one a lesson years ago.

    I was on the highway passing in the left lane and someone was tailgating me flashing their lights for me to move over. Right lane was slower and as I was passing them, an opening wasn’t available right away. I noticed a particular car in the right lane ahead and saw the perfect opening a few cars behind that car.

    I moved over safely and the other driver promptly floored it, honked as he passed by, flipping me not noticing the car I had noticed. He passed by that car at a high speed. He sure noticed it when that car pulled up behind him and turned on his lights to stop him.

    Not sure what he was charged with considering the noise and hand out the window flipping the bird, but I’m sure he had lots of explaining to do.

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