Plan the escape or use the escape?

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  1. davekrentz says:

    Nice. A similar idea for cyclists is to use your hearing while you ride. Seems obvious, but what it amounts to is no iPods, cell phones or the like while you’re in the saddle. Just as there’s distracted driving, there can also be distracted riding. Not a good plan!

  2. bridgetjohns says:

    Did you ever see a movie a while back called something like, “Accidents, Breaking the Chain of Events”? I can’t remember who put it out but it was a good one that talked about collisions happening for a variety of reasons and being the one person who was paying attention, or planning an escape route can help break the chain and prevent the collision. Sounds like you had a wild day. Glad you were able to break the chain of events and prevent getting hit.

  3. That’s a very good realization. To have your attention on the road and keep the line of vision always helps you avoid accidents.

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