Is your glass half full, half empty…or missing?

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  1. TY, The Safe Driver, 4 this Post! While I M a positive person, I DO deal w/ negative ppl in my life, which does make life a bit tougher… REAL life example of what U R saying: IF U R a bowler (or a golfer), when U approach the pins (or Ur golf ball), U NEED 2 make sure U POSITIVELY picture WHERE U R headed & WHAT U want 2 accomplish, ‘cuz IF U think negatively, as in DON’T GO IN THE GUTTER (or DON’T GO IN THE WATER OR SAND TRAP), THAT LAST thought B/4 Ur action WILL DICTATE the course of the action in most cases. This is called THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, & I use it most often when helping others handle children: Young children don’t even UNDERSTAND the negative (NO & DON’T), which is why they actually THINK they R OBEYING when U C them do the opposite of Ur request. Since they don’t “get” negatives, they only HEAR the Positive PART of Ur request: DON’T jump on the bed is heard as JUMP on the bed! I realize how difficult it is 2 make changes, but just TRY 2 talk 2 children in POSITIVE words, & U will always C a dramatic change in their behavior… GOOD LUCK & STAY SAFE!! (Note: I didn’t say stay away from bad luck & don’t 4get 2 fasten Ur seatbelt & turn off Ur cell…) 🙂

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