We have spies among us

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  1. alsopollyanna says:

    TY, TSD! U R so rite!! We raised 4 swimmer daughters, & they were always sharp!!! All R grown now, but we hav 4 grandchildren!!!! I recommend this: 750 FREE Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving! safety reminder stickers 2 place ON cells &/or drivers’ visors &/or 2 WEAR &/or 2 Share in strips of 5 or 10 or pages of 30 after Printing on Avery 5260 labels @


    where U will find the 2nd pdf has 30 site directions/ 8×11 paper so others can get their own 750! This IS a thrifty, cleaver activity 4 families 2 do 2gether 2 SAVE LIVES!! PLS keep it in mind!!! Over 500,000 stickers R in use around the world Printed from this site!!!!

    @ ANY venue, I recommend strips of 5 stickers placed in a basket 4 ppl 2 take as many as they can use, if they choose! Staff can Wear 1!!. A second basket could hold the single directions!!! STAY SAFE!!!!

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