Seatbelts aren’t decorations

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  1. Jenn Jilks says:

    I must admit I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use these. I still see many people in our rural area on phones. Citiots, though!

    • alsopollyanna says:

      Ms. JJ, Sounds “Like” Ur rural area needs these & U CAN help rid Ur area of Ur “Citiots”:

      EVERY life saved is worth ANY action taken 2 STOP 100% PREVENTABLE CRASHES! I encourage use of “Turn OFF Cell B/4 Driving!” safety reminder stickers:

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      The “Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving!” safety reminder stickers site has already had over 379 hits (as of 2/1/11) from as far away as Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Africa, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, India, Indonesia, France, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, Sweden, & Bolivia!!

      24 pages x 30 labels = 720 x 379 = 272,880 reminder stickers + 1 page x 30 x 379 = 11,370 site directions so MORE people will get their OWN: 11,370 x 720 = 8,186,400 + of course, Ur 272,880 = 8,459,280!!… IMAGINE!!!…

      Be the FIRST in YOUR community to spread the Turn OFF Cell B/4 Driving message! SAVE LIVES TODAY!! STAY SAFE!!!

  2. amh says:

    Bouncy roads and fast turns can thrown one from their seat.

    I find that, as a driver, I have to wear my seatbelt to keep my body in front of the steering wheel, so that I may safely control the car.

    I used to be more lackadaisical about my passengers wearing their seatbelts; that was until one bounced in to my lap between myself and the steering wheel. Now I always insist that all passengers wear their seatbelt whist I am driving. I cannot afford to lose control of the vehicle I am driving merely because a passenger did not put on their seatbelt.

  3. alsopollyanna says:

    I learned 2 ALWAYS wear a seat belt & make sure ALL passengers R belted, 2, WAAAAAAAY back in the ’60’s when a friend was almost killed in a crash: Paramedics said she would NOT hav survived IF she hadn’t been wearing her SEATBELT! STAY SAFE: Turn OFF Cell; Put ON Seatbelt B/4 Driving!

  4. DriveSmartBC says:

    If people like these would stop imposing on my privacy, (read: pocketbook) by using expensive medical services after they crash, I might support their desire to not wear a seatbelt. However, they generally expect every penny of government (read: you and me) support that they can possibly get after they are hurt. It’s a selfish and poorly thought through comment.

  5. amh says:

    It’s not just your money (and my money) through the government. Insurance is a pool of funds we all pay into for those (hopefully) rare times we need it. Raised insurance premiums are another way we all pay for bad drivers and the results of their poor choices whilst driving. Our clogged courts are another thing we suffer with, as we still see far too many driving/traffic related cases which consume far too much valuable court time and resources.

  6. Concerned says:

    Any time I have been out in the country and someone has to make a quick run to the store, or to get gas or whatever they have to do “quickly” they don’t secure themselves. If I get in a vehicle I will always snap my belt and if necessary, adjust it to fit me. That’s when the excuse rears it’s ugly face: “I don’t bother with mine because you never see the cops out here.”

    They only wear their seatbelt out in the country when they’re afraid of being caught.
    In my experience I have come to this conclusion regarding rural seatbelt usage.

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