Being a driving instructor is exciting and fun….seriously

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  1. Doug Wedel says:

    Hey Scott. What about the other side? There’s a Facebook discussion group with a name something like Driver’s Ed From Hell. They’re all students of one school. One story goes that a girl was driving along and the instructor actually turned off the ignition. This, of course, did more than just turn the engine off. It also stopped producing power assist to the brake pedal and the steering locked up so she couldn’t steer.

    Then, there are alumni discussion groups with much more positive feedback, of course. All good fun either way.


    • Hi, Doug! Just popped on FB 2 Respond 2 Scott’s deliteful stories, & spotted Ur friteful 1!! Good 2 C U’r out & about on the net!!! STAY SAFE!!!!

    • safedriver says:

      Hi Doug. I may write about the other side one day, but thought I would share a few laughs first. It really is a rewarding and fun career! I’ll check out your suggestions though.

  2. Hi, Scott! Couldn’t resist Responding 2 Ur long missive!! I just received it by email last nite when 1 of my daughters called asking about another not answering her cell… Said I was on FB, so I’d check 4 her: Sure enuf, 2 of her sisters were on FB, so we ended up having a 4-way discussion about R Easter plans via Group Chat in a closed “Just the Girls” family Group I set up 2 test the new Group Chat when it 1st started. (Works GRRRRRR8, BTW, & I M disappointed we don’t make better use of it in EDDN: END Distracted Driving Now, the New Group I set up 4 road safety advocates 2 “brainstorm” w/ the new Group Chat…) Anyway, I had enjoyed the beginning of Ur email so much that I copied & posted so my daughters could read it, 2, B/4 I even finished it myself!!! Of course, time ran short on my computer time, (as ALWAYS these days!!!!), so I turned in 4 the nite, & didn’t get 2 finish reading Ur entry ’til this morning, but it WAS sumthing 2 look 4ward 2 awaking 2 finish!!!!! I M sure the girls thought I RePosted Ur stories only ‘cuz of the 1 about the older women, (which I didn’t even C ’til this am), who was JUST learning 2 drive, as, tho I HAV my license, I NEVER drive myself, probably due 2 fear after an accident in childhood where no 1 was hurt, but the 4-day old car didn’t fare as well… As U well know, this sure doesn’t stop ME from working diligently 4 Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving!!!!!! Youngsters don’t DRIVE, but they can still pester their elders w/ SAFETY info!!!!!!! STAY SAFE!!!!!!!

  3. I came here expecting something else, but this enthused me regardless. Entertaining stuff!

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