Drinking and driving never works

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  1. alsopollyanna says:

    TY, Safedriver, 4 taking the time during the busy holiday season 2 Post these GRRRRRRR8 tips! Let’s make 2012 the safest EVER: Click ON Seatbelt; Click OFF Cell; B Sober; Stay FOCUSED on only driving 2 STAY SAFE!!

  2. Earle Warner says:

    As a professional driver, I can tell you that you have hit all the right points. The time to decide about your actions is while sober; once you begin drinking, you have lost the ability to decide with a clear mind. The best option is zero drinking, NOT drinking just enough to avoid dangerous impairment. Any amount of alcohol leads to some percentage of impairment, and no one can be absolutely sure how much they can handle and still drive safely. Just don’t drink if you are going to drive.

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