How personal do you take it?

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  1. Marc says:

    Just yesterday, I saw a driver in the left lane of a two lane left turn. When the light turn green, he then cuts off the person in the next lane who was turning left then cuts off the person going straight (I was about 6 cars behind this one), just to be on the highway first. I wondered why he was in such a hurry as to potentially cause a fairly big collision.

    What I didn’t understand is after he got the highway on which I was also taking, I passed him pretty quickly because he was going about 85 while I was at the speed limit.

    Now it appears that he wasn’t in a hurry after all. He must not have thought of the consequences of his action and may have decided at the last minute he wanted the highway. So instead of turning left and getting on the highway at the next on ramp, which would have maybe cost him only two minutes and the safest thing to do, he took a dangerous action that could have been pretty costly.

    As you mentioned, we don’t know why they’re doing it and it may not even be what we first think.

    When I started driving, my father always reminded me that it was my choice whether I let someone else you’ll more than likely never see again decide if I have a good day or bad day. Better to have a good day and let it go.

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