Can you pack your vehicle….properly?

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  1. Shanyn says:

    Great post Scott, as a retired fire fighter I would also add that anything that could fly around in an accident can be a deadly projectile. Make sure that you use a cargo net or bungee cords to tie things in the cargo area, don’t put anything like bbq sticks or golf clubs inside and loose. Ensure pets are secure behind a cage or with their own seat belts on if possible. I also try to make sure my cell phone and glass breaker are tethered close to the driver’s seat so they don’t bounce out of reach if I ever need them. It was proven on Myth Busters that any punch type object even a screw driver can be used to break the glass if you need to. Make sure your water and maps are easy to get by a passenger, keep your first aid kit stocked up and drive safe.

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