Video tips

Check out the tips here:

Getting used to different vehicles;

Parallel parking made easy;

How do you set up your mirrors;

A variety of winter driving tips;

How to boost a battery;

Halloween night driving tips;

School bus reminders for drivers;

Packing for a vacation? This will help;

How to properly do a circle check and why;

A great commercial to remind us about about safe driving;

The do’s and don’ts about driving in the fog;

What to do if your brakes fail;

Keeping your kids in check during holiday trips;

Info about winter tires versus all season tires;

Why we wear a seatbelt;

How red light cameras work;

Head restraints or head rests?

Safe following distance;

Move Over Law;

Colour of vehicles matter;

Clearing snow off vehicle;

Lights on in the day;

Gutting unstuck from the snow;

Winter driving clothing;

Proper use of roundabouts;

Canada’s Worst Driver clips that I was involved in:

Helping Henrietta in a standard during season 2;

Smashing through a wall with Colin driving;