If you have winter driving anxiety, this will help

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  1. Bernie says:

    Softer rubber remains flexible at lower temperatures than that in all-season tires, don’t think winter tires get more flexible as the temperature falls.

    • safedriver says:

      Agreed. It was in relation to that of all-season tires which become hard like a rock when temperatures fall. Whereas winter tires remain flexible. It was the way I worded the sentence. Thanks for bringing it up.

    • kingsclear says:

      Actually yes they do…and remain flexible and gripping to -40 and below.

  2. kingsclear says:

    Your comments on winter tires are NOT strong enough. They should be mandatory as they are around the world. All season tires are a misnomer caused by a ’80s tire promotion. How the tire industry is still allowed to use the terminology is scandalous. They are 3 season tires only! Between -10°C and -14°C (+7°F to +14°F) they become exactly the equal of hockey pucks. That is scary and fatal to hundreds of people every year.

  3. Mi Ae Lipe says:

    Hi Scott, awesome post!! Regarding your last line about not forgetting to breathe, I actually did a post on this very topic on my own Driving in the Real World blog a few years ago. It was about singing while driving in bad winter conditions. Would love to hear what you think, either way: http://www.drivingintherealworld.com/journal/2012/1/5/singing-on-the-ice.html

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