There’s more to waiting in traffic than…actually waiting

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2 Responses

  1. Osman says:

    Like it. Looking great…

  2. Carl Smith says:

    This reminds me of a time when a vehicle broke down at a red light. The car died. Behind him was a total of five (5) vehicles, all very close to the bumper of the car ahead of them. So nobody could get out of line to drive around the stalled vehicle. The car at the very end of the line was too busy on a cell phone and took no notice of what was going in ahead of him. One of the drivers finally got out, went to the last car and asked him to back up. And then in turn helped everyone back up. By the time the first car behind the stalled vehicle backed up, the stalled car was restarted and drove off! I was walking at the time and watched the whole event and it was one of the most amusing things I’ve ever seen! And it was all caused by drivers not paying attention!

    Love your blog, you have some great advice!

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