Are you a quirky driver?

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  1. Hi! We come from Indonesia. We are an organizaton that concern about Stay Focus while Driving and No Texting While Driving.
    Now we are having a campaign project which we want to persuade people to type”#X” to their friend before driving.
    What,s the meaning of “#X”?
    “#X” means that Now I’m driving, don’t text me or wait for my reply. So, it will make people understand that we must keep focus while driving.
    And how to tell our friend if they can text me when we have arrive?
    We can just type ‘#ArriveAlive’
    So as the organization that also concern about safe driving, we are really open to your comment and suggestion about our project.
    Please kindly Come and Visit us on :
    Or Follow our Twiiter / Instagram acoount : @drivewell_id

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