When did blocking drivers become a driving skill?

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  1. Bad Drivers says:

    This is a good article but IMO its painted with a broad brush. Often those who “need to make that lane change” were in the original lane they are trying to merge into. Many drivers often will “jump over” into the lane they know ends ( presumably out of impatience ) and then try to ram themselves back in again a few cars ahead. Often drivers will also pass multiple safe spots to merge over to also get that few extra cars ahead. Doing that slows down already slow traffic.This kind of arrogance and impatience wouldn’t be tolerated in a line up at the bank or grocery store so why should it be on the road ways? Co-operating works both ways!

  2. Steve Korbey says:

    Courtesy and good manners should be our guide. Unfortunately a small percentage of road users drive aggressively, hopping from lane to lane, and relying on other motorists to let them push in.
    I am willing to respond assertively and not give in to bullying tactics. This is not ‘blocking’ rather than maintaining my current position in traffic. The Highway Traffic Act stipulates who has priority based on signage and road markings. I comply with the Act.

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