Back in or back out? Is there a real difference?

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  1. Paul says:

    And helps the CAA or AAA get in to boost your battery.

  2. Adishankar says:

    Wonderful point. I practise the same whenever I have to reverse while turning around in a small lane. It is much more comfrotable to reverse onto a smaller lane or onto a driveway so that final drive out becomes forward. In fact I feel this should be extended to all angular parking lots. Parking should be in reverse mode so that driving out becomes a breeze.

  3. Ganesh says:

    I find it hard to back in to parking spaces without adjusting my mirrors, so that’s why I don’t do it. I need one of those “circle” mirrors!

  4. Russ Chaplin says:

    It can be difficult to back into your driveway here in the UK if it’s a busy narrow road. If the driveway is on the other side it can be almost impossible to manoeuvre enough to reverse in. So tempting to just drive in forwards and worry about reversing out later.

  5. marshmat says:

    Where you really start to appreciate the back-in vs. back-out difference is in large vehicles like a Suburban or F-250. Often, they’ll need a 3- or 5-point turn to nose in to a narrow space, but will back in in one go (the front, the end that swings around, is in open space).
    Combine that with the huge rear-quarter blind spots when backing such a vehicle into cross traffic, and the answer should be obvious….

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