Children don’t drive. Adults do

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  1. Adishankar says:

    Very well written. I am amazed that how many points are relevant not just to Canada or US alone but to several other countries like India too. With very slack driving licence issuing practice here, we have a lot of young drivers who have acquired their licences without the adequate knowledge of the rules and the skills required to drive. I could identify with the point although law permits them to do so, young drivers need a lot of maturity when they get behind the wheel. This only comes with experience and years. I have always advocated a category/grade of licence where young people till the age of 21 or even 25 (this has to be fixed based on local needs, I would prefer 25 though) are given driving licences but can drive only in the presence of a mature driver in the vehicle.

  2. Brian_87! says:

    I second that! After all driving is not a funny business; you are rather riding/controlling a monster that holds the power to put an end in somebody’s life. I also think that maturity is not to do with age but with understanding. Preparing yourself mentally and having that right conscience while driving is utmost important. Well thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are lovely!

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