Do you have enough will power to make changes?

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  1. alsopollyanna says:

    The Safe Driver, THANKS for this & making it easy to Share! I Shared it on Twitter, Facebook Page ‘Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving’, & Facebook Groups ‘Drive Safely: Don’t Use Your Cell Phone While Driving’ & ‘EDDN: END Distracted Driving Now’ by saying, “Can YOU Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving?” STAY SAFE!!

  2. Russ Chaplin says:

    It does take a lot of willpower to ignore the phone whilst driving. I am sorely tempted when mine vibrates. I’m in a marked driving school car all day and it’s as much the threat of someone seeing me that stops me. I’d be setting a very bad example indeed. Drivers must try to form a positive attitude towards safe driving in order to overcome those temptations.

    • alsopollyanna says:

      Russ Chaplin, You may be interested in this info for your driving school: 750 FREE ‘Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving’ safety reminder stickers (to place on cells, visors, or dashboards) can be Printed on a package of Avery 5260 labels @ ; 2nd pdf yields 30 site directions / 8.5×11 paper sheet so others can get more stickers! I recommend Sharing the stickers in strips of 5 or 10 with a site direction note stapled to the strip: Perfect card enclosure for any occasion!! Children even ‘Like’ to Share stickers with their friends to give to THEIR relatives. IF each visitor Printed 750, THEN 750,432,000 stickers are already SAVING LIVES around the world!!! STAY SAFE!!!!

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