Parking is part of driving too

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  1. In the UK bay parking is part of our driving test.

    That way students and new drivers can park safely in car parks. I also explain the advantages of reversing into a bay rather than driving in. Not only is it safer when coming out of the bay, by driving out you can see safely earlier. Another reason is personal safety in our bigger car parks thieves are on the look out for single females to steal cars and money from.

    What they do is watch out for single unattached females when they walk down the side of the car they will normally reach over to the passengers seat to put their shopping or purse on the seat. The thief uses this moment to strike. They push the victims onto the gear shift and hand brake. They then threaten the person so they get the car keys money and mobile phone. After this they leave the victim knowing they will need to leave their car to get to safety.

    Once the victim gets to the shops they lose there car and any shopping, the credit cards will be used till they are stopped. If a person reverses into a parking bay the car door acts as a shield.

    Tony Lane Boston Driving School

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