Is there value in “buses only” lanes?

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  1. alex says:

    100% agree.

    I had a groupon for a resteraunt down town, and the owner told me he probabky wouldnt last much longer. There was a chalkboard sign saying “thank you for braving the traffic :-(” and nobody else in the place except us. On tuesday we went to go there again, to find out he had closed shop. Taking that lane out has choked traffic, and as a result choked all the businesses along that route, when our downtown is already struggling. 🙁

  2. Russ Chaplin says:

    Bus lanes can be a real pain for drivers if they feel that road space is being wasted. Timed bus lanes which are closed to other traffic during the morning and evening rush hours seem to work well. It’s the only way to go in a large city where buses would be late if they didn’t have their own lane at peak times.

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