High winds wreaks havoc with drivers

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  1. Russ Chaplin says:

    The winds have been severe here too especially in the south. A tree fell on a car killing the driver. A couple of seconds either way and the guy would have survived which just adds to the tragedy. I have driven high sided vehicles in windy conditions and my 7 tonne truck was blown across the road like it was made of paper. Public transport can also be dangerous as double decker buses are particularly effected by high winds. Best idea is to just stay at home if you can.

  2. Tom Nitsch says:

    If driving in high winds stay away from tractor trailers. I have had lightly loaded and empty trailers get pushed into the next lane by high wind gusts especially in winter when you add slippery roads to the mix. If you have to pass then pass quickly and don’t dally. If your speed differential is only a few kph faster than the truck rethink your next move, it could save your life.

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