Bump or hump; they do the same job

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  1. David Root says:

    Bumps and Humps may serve the same purpose, but they work differently. Bumps are just that… a BUMP. There is little choice but to slow down.

    Speed Humps, on the other hand, are designed to allow vehicles to pass at a reasonable speed — about 40-50 km/h — with just a gentle rise-fall as it crosses. Hitting the Hump at greater speed, however, causes the vehicle to bottom-out, providing a jarring impact to underscore the driver was going to fast.

    We have had two Humps installed on a recently-rebuilt street, one that drivers used to use as a short-cut around a busy traffic-light controlled intersection. Residents complained of vehicles speeding up and down their street, and the City installed the Humps.

    They work. I take my students down this street so they can experience them.

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