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  1. Lots of great info in these videos! Entertaining and smart for sure.

  2. Mike Matheson says:

    Congrats on a quarter century of helping people to help themselves. It would have been 30 years for me next April … sheesh!

    I wish there was some way to actually know exactly how many collisions were avoided and how many lives you’ve saved in that 25 years. For many, the hours they spent with you teaching them probably ended up to be the most valuable education they have received. Unfortunately, few will realize this because there is no way to quantify results based on crashes that NEVER HAPPENED!

    Imagine the intricate web you’ve weaved over time. Students. Students who educated their parents, then had those parents pass on things in conversations with their friends. People who watched you on TV, read your blog, or had chance meetings with you and asked a question.

    Scott, I hold you in the utmost esteem and I’m proud to call you my friend. Here’s to another 25 years!

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