A glimpse of a classic

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  1. Bridget says:

    If I were driving this car, I think I’d be overly pre-occupied with making sure that it remained in mint-condition. It’s too perfect. I wouldn’t want to own it or keep space for it in my garage. That said, it’s impressive this guy has been able to keep it nice all these years.

  2. Mike Matheson says:

    Back in my driving instruction days, I used to tell the students in class that pretty girls walking down the street were a distraction. The females would look uncomfortable when I’d say that and tell me that it was certainly NOT a distraction for them, to which I’d reply, “Agreed … but what about the guy behind you?”

    As the owner of a 60 year-old car that is in pristine condition, I can tell you that it is not a distraction … for you as the driver. In fact, driving such a vehicle is almost a defensive driving refresher course in itself. Maintaining space, keeping concentration, checking mirrors, scanning intersections, spotting problems well in advance and gaining eye contact with other drivers are all enhanced somehow (counterintuitive I know … because I like to think I am always 100% on the ball when driving!)

    Harkening back to what I said at the beginning, though, a classic car is still a distraction. Even if the automobile is not in show condition, it is still an unusual sight and people will tend to look at it … oftimes a bit too long. As we all know, it only takes ONE driver not paying attention to set off a chain reaction that could cause several drivers to crash. Thus we have to be aware of what other drivers might do … and might NOT do.

    In a nutshell, it pays to know how people think. After all, the only thing predictable about other drivers is their unpredictability.

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