Canada’s Worst Driver…8

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  1. Having been on the show last season I am looking forward to Season 8 .
    I would also like to clarify one point….. I did not go on there for fame nor glamour! I went on to learn and gain confidence both of which I did.(as bad as I was). This was an amazing but difficult experience . Thanks again Canada’s Worst Driver.

  2. Rachelle U. says:

    Kevin is blind in his right eye (glass eye)… just to clarify

  3. BeeGee says:

    He is also apparently stupid in his center brain. I’m actively looking to see who is responsible to report the driver’s on this show to authorities…

  4. NICK DINELLE says:

    I am trying to decide whether Canada’s Worst Driver is fixed or not. I have discovered that Margherita Donato is actually an actress who has been in numerous movies and yet we were told that she co-owned a bar with her friend. I have to wonder how much of what she did was simply role playing. If this is not reality tv then Discovery Channel shouldn’t be sacrificing beautiful sports cars for nothing; they and the viewers deserve better.

    • safedriver says:

      I can honestly tell you from my experiences as a judge during their first 3 seasons that the show was real. Margherita may have been an actress, but she would also have to have been a stunt driver to drive as she did and as consistant as she did. You either have to be very bad for real, or very good to act that bad on a regular basis. Thanks for your comment.

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