How not to roll your vehicle…101

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  1. Astraist says:

    While I agree with the idea behind the words, I disagree with the details. I actually find that most people who are simple road drivers cannnot appreciate just how much grip and dynamic abilities modern cars hold. The truth is that most cars will go through bends and corners at 1.5 to twice the posted speed limit. Of course, it would be too close for comfort, but it is far from driving “just a hair faster than the posted limit.”

    Furthermore, when a modern sedan or SUV goes over the limit, especially if it’s slippery, it does not roll over, it slides aside. This is because the chassis’ dynamic coefficient is greater than the tyres’ grip, or MV^2/R>MGU. Only if the car hits something (even just a crack in the road) when it slides, it might roll over.

    • safedriver says:

      Thanks for your comment! Sorry that you missed the point of the article though. It wasn’t just about how he rolled his vehicle, it was about thinking about how we take certain things for granted. Regardless of how he rolled his vehicle, he still did it. I do agree with you that he may have hit something, but since I did not have all of the details, I put a different spin on the article. Again, thanks for your comment!

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