In a hurry….to park?

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  1. jrharv says:

    Fire lane parking abuse is my ultimate pet peeve, I point to signs, I yell at them, and in their non-human-non-intelligent opinions, they are entitled because its there, they are lazy and won’t take long, which is utter b.s. because they park there longer than I take to shop. As for ignorant line crossers, one of our work VPs does this every day in his bright red Audi, not only two spaces, but a handicap space and a normal space, only handicap I see is arrogance and stupidity, yet he makes three times my salary at least, he has also cut me and others off diving for Gardiner ramp at last moment. Does that sound professional to you, would you do business with us seeing that allowed? If you cannot read paint on pavement or signs on posts, the last thing you should have is a vehicle.

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