Move over and help our society

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  1. Rick says:

    In traffic safety circles, moving over away from a disabled or parked vehicle on the side of the road, is the best practice that any and all drivers can adopt. As Scott stated, you may safe another person’s life!

  2. TomN says:

    You’re absolutely right and that’s why most semis will try to move out of the way because the effect you speak of is even worse with larger vehicles. I have seen doors bent back and the person holding it almost thrown under the wheels by the a blast from a passing rig. My peeve is when I move over to the left to get out of the way some idiot decides to pass me on the right 1) jeopardizing the safety of the vehicle on the shoulder and 2) blocks me from returning to the right lane to get out of the way of other traffic. The other peeve is when those who feel the need to pull onto the shoulder don’t use the available space and get as far away from traffic as possible even if it means putting a wheel in the dirt.

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