Canada’s Worst Driver 7…..the updates

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  1. shanyns says:

    Scott, it is quite a group. Denial, avoidance, ego and genuine need. Should be interesting to see who learns, who eats humble pie and who starts to see themselves in their driving.

  2. L.B. says:

    I truly enjoyed reading your theories and write -ups on this.!! looking forward to next weeks:)

  3. Jer says:

    I find it hard to watch and more then once I had to leave the room. It scares me how our system would allow them to drive in the first place. You know if this was England, France, or Germany they would all be on the bus or taking a taxi.


  4. adam neilson says:

    Oh sly he sled into curb once and wondered if he should sue the city of lethbridge. Lol

  5. I can understand why Aaron hasn’t graduated yet.

    First, he still needs help. Even when he passes a challenge, you sometimes wonder if he were just lucky to get through it. Because whenever he fails a challenge, he still fails them somewhat dramatically such as, for example, the snow plow challenge where he kept hitting cars because he wasn’t looking where he wanted to go.

    Second, this is probably the first time any of the “Worst Driver” shows ever had a participant who was MADE into a “bad driver” following a near-death automobile accident. So the longer Aaron stays on the show, the longer the audience gets to see what happens to a victim of bad driving. Motor skills shot, reflexes diminished, memory issues, the works!

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Aaron becomes the next graduate despite not being entirely ready for the road. He did improve a lot over the previous episodes although it’ll probably be a tight race between him and Shirley (not sure considering Shirley’s catastrophic doughnut challenge based on the previews).

    But even if Aaron is part of the Final 3, considering his background, I’m not sure the judges will ever want to choose him as Canada’s Worst Driver. In fact, it would be a travesty if he got that distinction, rewarding the REAL worst drivers on the show: Afiya and Sly.

    Here’s hoping Aaron gets the boot for hanging around for too long! 🙂

  6. Okay, just watched episode 7. Now I’m REALLY scared!

    Afiya is from Montreal, I’m from Montreal.


  7. Parrotletmom says:

    I just watched the last episode last night. Scary.
    How did those people get their driver’s license in the first place?
    And some of them should not have got their license back.

    • safedriver says:

      I agree that it was scary…for them AND for anyone near them. It’s not just about a show that entertains; it’s about real life driving skills. Learning the basic skills about hand-eye coordination needs to come back to them. They all got their licenses when traffic perhaps was lighter or in communities where it was easier to pass the test. Maybe the tests need to be more difficult or perhaps there needs to be mandatory re-testing? I’m not sure what will work the best, but as drivers, we need to keep an eye out for drivers like this who may be driving near us! Thanks for the comment.

  8. john says:

    I need to say that I’m in love with Afiya!

  9. parrotletmom says:

    While the show is entertaining, I am scared that some of those people still have their license. I guess we should introduce retesting? No maybe good testing and not handing out licenses to everybody.

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