Keep a wide eye for pedestrians

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  1. Brenda. says:

    Too bad there’s too many stupid pedestrians out there though. You teach your kids to look both ways before they cross the road – at what age do they forget this? I find 80 % of adults DO NOT look before they cross. They step out onto the road and never look. Just because they have the right of way, they assume that cars are going to stop. They wear hoodies and parkas and never look around the edge of the hood. They push their baby carriages out into traffic without looking. Everyone goes on and on about distracted drivers – but what about distracted pedestrians? We need to remind adults to look both ways before they cross. Seems too simple to me.

  2. Shane M. says:

    Brenda, it’s not so simple. Blaming the victim is easy when they are the vulnerable road users and the motorists feel empowered to take more than their right of way.
    80% of people not looking before they step out into the roadway? Baby carriages out without looking? Really? That just negates anything you have to say.
    We’re all trying to get from point A to point B safely. Those of us with the most responsibility are those who are driving the larger vehicles- whether that is a cyclist when passing a motorist or a motorist when passing a cyclist. Take responsibility and drive safely.

  3. Shane M. says:

    I meant “a cyclist passing a pedestrian…” =)

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