Roller coaster or car?

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  1. amh says:

    Once, while I was driving off-road, I had a passenger who bounced into my lap — and we hadn’t even gotten to any of the parts of the path which I considered bumpy! Needless to say, I cannot control a motor vehicle when I cannot reach the steering wheel because someone else is in the way; however I was still able to use the brakes and bring the vehicle to a stop before any mishap or injury occurred.

    I now insist that all of my passengers wear their seatbelts, and I do not put the car into gear until they comply. If a passenger should take off their belt while I am driving then I pull over and stop (when it is safe to do so) and I refuse to continue until the belts are back on. This is because I discovered first-hand that my passengers wearing their seatbelts is as much for MY safety (as the driver) as it is for their own safety.

    I know of a few others who have similar policies in their own cars, and I would recommend that all drivers adopt this policy for their own safety, as well as the safety of their passengers.

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