Who taught you how to drive?

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  1. Susan Winlaw says:

    My Mom taught me how to drive. I was lucky enough to have a huge front lawn and long driveway in the country to practice on. Then we took the next step on the 401 where I did not have to worry about the oncoming traffic and I did NOT have to drive as fast as the speed limit. Now that was in 1966 when I was 16 and the volume of traffic was no where near what it is today, so it would not work now with that plan.

    I then took drivers education at my highschool and this qualified for a lower insurance increase when I got my license for my parents.

    There’s no way my Dad would do it as he had an amazing temper and my Mom was kind but firm. The driver’s ed group helped with the formal rules of the road and driving in town.

    I would definitely recommend finding a huge parking lot to practice on a Sunday where there are no cars and then find some straight and wide country roads to start up on.

  2. Adrian says:

    A cop taught me how to drive and I was always worried if I went 1 over the limit he would give me a ticket. But he was with Young Drivers of Canada and taught me lot. I finished the classroom instruction before my 16th birthday had my license not long after. Accident free for 34 years now.

  3. Paul Marshall says:

    My brother taught me how to drive… now he writes this blog….

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