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  1. Bree says:

    Unrelated to the article, but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU… I just passed my G2 road test last week, and I learned so much from watching Canada’s Worst Driver (yes, when you were on, haha) that I feel like you were my surrogate driving instructor! I passed with flying colours (even parallel parking, which I didn’t expect to be on the test–never listen to the advice of friends!), and have been safely driving alone with full confidence for 5 days now. Next week, I buy my neighbour’s old car. I’m 29…this has been a LONG time coming!

    So again, thank you for excellent tips and advice! And thank you too for your previous reply about Ontario cracking down on unreputable driving schools/instructors…good news. Incidentally, after that I looked up my old driving school–hmm, doesn’t seem to exist anymore, wonder why? 🙂

    • safedriver says:

      Congratulations! I’m glad i could help….even though I was unaware I was helping. 😉 Keep the positive attitude and safe driving!

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