Looking for cyclists can protect them

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  1. briannichols620 says:

    Great tips. As both a cyclist and a driver, I can understand both sides of the issue here. I think tips I would add would be:
    -Cyclists: PLEASE use hand signals to indicate which direction you’re turning. Remember that you are technically a moving vehicle on the road, so act like one.
    -Drivers: Remember that being a cyclist on a road is stressful and scary. Give bikes a little extra space to feel comfortable – in fact, as the author suggested in the article, we should almost expect cyclists to do make dangerous maneuvers. If we’re expecting it, then in the case in which it DOES happen, it won’t result in an unfortunate accident.

    Finally, of course, put away the cell phone while you’re driving! Here’s an example of what can happen if you don’t:

    Drive safely, everyone! 🙂

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