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  1. Brenda says:

    What you don’t realise is that the car behind you didn’t actually want to go faster than you. I find lots of people use other cars as a ‘speed control’ mechanism. They even do it on the 407 in broad daylight when there’s no other cars in sight. I’ve found myself in the far right lane with another car only a few feet behind me and no one else around. I change lanes to the left, the car behind me speeds up and passes me on the right, then I move back ….. all very strange.

    • safedriver says:

      They actually did want to drive faster because of how they sped past us up to the next vehicle and once they passed them, they raced off. The best ‘speed control’ mechanism for any driver would be the speedometer. I agree with you when it comes to multiple lane roadways like the freeway, but on single lane highways, it’s usually just someone who wants to reach their destination sooner; rather than later and you’re in their their way. Thanks for the the comment.

  2. amh says:

    A colleague of mine has coined a wonderful term for those who pass incorrectly: “Passhole”
    We, unfortunately, see far too many “Passholes” on our streets and roads, and it seems that it is what motivated you to write this article.

    I really like the rule of thumb that I learned about passing. It goes like this:

    You may pass, you may always pass, provided that
    1) Passing is not specifically prohibited here (don’t break the law)
    2) The manoeuvre can be carried out in safety (anticipate trouble)
    3) The manoeuvre is carried out in safety (do it safely)

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