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  1. I “Like” Ur thinking, The Safe Driver! Everything U said made sense, but here in Minnesota, the etiquette of lot parking seems to be just the opposite. Drivers who driver thru 2 the next space get strange & disgruntled looks, especially from a newcomer who wanted to pull in2 the now-occupied space. When my husband is ready 2 LEAVE a lot, & he Cs the space in front is NOW empty, he usually pulls thru 2 save backing up from his space. This, 2, is frowned upon here in Minnesota… Drivers arriving just do not EXPECT it here & seem 2 think it is NOT the “Minnesota Nice” they “Like” 2 C!

  2. Your point about the blindspots behind cars is well taken. It is always better – and easier – to pull forward out of a space than to back out.

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