You CAN fight against Murphy’s Law and win

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  1. alsopollyanna says:

    While I enjoy reading ALL Ur Posts, I particularily “Liked” this 1! I found it taking me back 2 my childhood & talks w/ my dad. I 1c asked him WHY he left 4 work more than an hour B/4 his start time. He replied that he had a commute of an hour &, as head of a crew, he needed 2 make sure he arrived on time as an example 4 the others, EVEN if he ran in2 un4Cn traffic or an accident. Not 2 long afterwards, he came home 2 tell us of an accident he witnessed on the way 2 work, & how long it took 2 speak w/ the officers, etc., but that he DID manage 2 STILL get 2 work on time! Keep up the GRRRRRRRR8 Posts & STAY SAFE!!

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