What’s on your driving to-do list?

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  1. alsopollyanna says:

    TY, Safe Driver, 4 Ur Post of YOUR 2-DO-List! I do Recommend an addition:

    Turn OFF Cell B/4 Driving!

    We NEED to continually remind others to increase awareness of a common, 100% preventable, cause of highway crashes: Cell phone use while driving. Please Share these stickers in YOUR community!

    PLEASE do everything YOU can to support on END to Distracted Driving to keep ourselves & our families SAFE on our roads!!

    EVERY life saved is worth ANY action taken 2 STOP 100% PREVENTABLE CRASHES!!!! I encourage use of “Turn OFF Cell B/4 Driving!” safety reminder stickers:

    Print 720 FREE “Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving” safety reminder stickers (to put on cells &/or drivers’ visors; to wear & to SHARE individually, in strips of 5 or 10, or pages of 30; &/or to “seal” snail mail) + 30 site direction stickers so others can get their own 720 on Avery 5260 labels @


    The “Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving!” safety reminder stickers site has already had over 379 hits from as far away as Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Africa, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, India, Indonesia, France, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, Sweden, & Bolivia!!!

    24 pages x 30 labels = 720 x 379 = 272,880 reminder stickers + 1 page x 30 x 379 = 11,370 site directions so MORE people will get their OWN: 11,370 x 720 = 8,186,400 + of course, Ur 272,880 = 8,459,280!!!!… IMAGINE!!!!!…

    Be the FIRST in YOUR community to spread the Turn OFF Cell B/4 Driving message! SAVE LIVES TODAY!!

    STAY SAFE!!!

    Thank you for any help you can offer in YOUR community!!!!

    Diana Johnson

    2576 Bayberry Avenue
    Stillwater, MN 55082-5231


    Facebook as Diana Johnson (Look for sticker in use on cell!)

    Facebook Page Turn Off Cell B/4 Driving

    Facebook Group Drive Safely: Don’t Use Your Cell Phone While Driving (NOT the same as Drive Safely, which I also Joined & Recommend)

    NEW Facebook Group EDDN: END Distracted Driving Now (For road safety advocates to use the NEW Group feature Group Chat to “brainstorm” safety ideas & put them in action)

    Twitter as AlsoPollyanna

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