The facts about anti lock brakes

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  1. alsopollyanna says:

    Scott, TY 4 this info! Every1 needs this kind of info 2 review 1c in awhile!! STAY SAFE!!! Turn OFF Cell B/4 Driving!!!!

  2. Jenn Jilks says:

    It is a myth, isn’t it, that we need to pump the brakes these days? I often see drivers doing this still. ABS doesn’t work if driver pump.

    • safedriver says:

      Yes Jenn, it is a myth to pump your brakes. It’s an old technique used many years ago because we didn’t know better. ABS doesn’t work to the driver’s advantage if they pump the brakes. Pumping the brakes may allow you to stop, but it takes so much longer to do so. It’s time to let modern technology help you maintain control over your vehicle. Thanks for the comment.

  3. TY, Ms. Jilks, & Scott 4 Ur Comments! EDUCATION helps us ALL!!

  4. alsopollyanna is ME, BTW…

  5. Only pump if you are signaling someone is too close to you. I do this when I feel eople are following to closely, it has nothing to do with abs or disks.

  6. Also not all new cars come standard with abs even today, especially in foreign countries.

  7. Amber says:

    After I had been driving for maybe about 5 months, winter came around, and we put winter tires on our car. The car has ABS. Now, I usually always tended to brake too late when I was first starting to drive, and the very first time I tried to brake as per usual when driving with the winter tires, the ABS activated! Only slightly, though, I think. Or was it when I tried to stop too suddenly for a red light? (Now, THAT was weird. The tires squealed and ABS was going like mad!) Let’s just say – that was definitely an incentive to amend my current driving and braking habits!!! 🙂

  8. DriveSmartBC says:

    Steering and braking at the same time with ABS will also lengthen your stopping distance. Probably a fair trade if you can steer out of trouble.

  9. My vehicle has automatically turned on these brakes 4 times in PaST week. What causes this to happen. It sounds like vehicle is dragging something. What can I keep this from happening? Help!

  1. December 13, 2012

    […] I also had them get their speed up slightly and then slam on the brakes. This quickly activated the anti-lock brakes (ABS) but showed the students what the brakes felt and sounded like when hit hard on a slippery road. I […]

  2. December 14, 2012

    […] the brake is an ineffective way to stop your vehicle in an emergency? Most new vehicles have anti-lock brakes which can do that for you at roughly 16 to 18 times per second; much faster than you could do. […]

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