Is Big Brother watching?

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  1. I liv in Minnesota, USA. On 1/1/11, a new law took effect that vehicles can NOT B caught in an intersection (waiting 2 turn, for instance) when the signal turns red. My husband & I hav had discussions about what % of drivers even KNOW about this law. When we mention the law 2 others, few R aware of it. R theory is that few ppl listen 2 the news, & even fewer read newspapers. Only sensatioanl news sparks attention on the internet. Every1 seems 2 busy 2 B concerned about such things as new laws 🙁
    If this theory is correct, many drivers R probably so involved in hectic LIVING 2 B aware that their habit of driving “on automatic”, w/ no more thought than brushing their teeth, may CAUSE DYING… AWARENESS seems 2 B gone once drivers’ ed. is behind them.
    I no longer wonder WHY?, I can C: Look around! Talk 2 ppl. The majority of drivers do NOT understand, & therefore BELIEVE, the dangers of Distracted Driving. I wish I had answers 2 HOW we can begin 2 change drivers’ habits 2 focus on SAFE DRIVING…

  1. January 9, 2011

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Patricia Digni and Scott Marshall. Scott Marshall said: Article 200 is now posted! Is Big Brother watching you each time you drive? Should he? […]

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